Our nutrition videos are lectures recorded at global nutrition conferences and workshops, featuring leading experts addressing a wide range of key nutritional topics. The talks are free to Nestlé Nutrition Institute members, and cover all the most-discussed subjects in nutrition today.

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In this talk Prof. Dr. Syed Khairul Amin talks about Impact of optimum protein quantity and quality during early infancy on future growth body

In this talk Prof. Dr. M. Karim Khan talks about long term repercussions of micronutrient deficiency and also expands on global recommendations for

In this talk Dr. Aftab Yusuf Raj talks about the importance of nutrition in early infancy, breast milk, and also expands on evolution of protein

In this lecture the speakers Dr.Lee & Dr.Thakkar discuss data found on the evolution of protein in berast milk during the first year of lactation.