Preventing Postnatal Malnutrition in Preterms by evidenced-based practices

person Dr. Umesh Vaidya
Topic(s): Nutrition Health & Wellness Nutrition & Disease Management Malnutrition
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The Nutrition guidelines and growth targets for preterm or low birth weight infants are currently based upon the reference standard of intrauterine growth and fetal nutrient accretion rates. This may not be an entirely appropriate standard — it is rarely achieved in clinical practice. Postnatal growth failure of very preterm infants is a universal problem with potentially significant, adverse neurological and health outcomes. In this presentation by Dr. Umesh Vaidya on the topic – Preventing Postnatal malnutrition in evidence-based practices, shares some of the prevalent practices with interesting case studies and how often the results vary from the actual expectations and there is often a huge variance. He also goes on to mention why the problems of post natal malnutrition doesn’t end in the NICU and goes beyond that.