Nutrition in Diarrhea

person Dr. Rahul Verma MD DCH MRCP(UK) Neonatologist Bombay Hospital.
Topic(s): Growth & Development Gut Microbiota Malnutrition
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Diarrhea is defined as the frequent passage of watery, loose stools, accompanied by an excessive loss of fluid and electrolytes. Another standard definition of diarrhea is passing more than three liquid bowel movements daily, or more than one litre of stool from an ileostomy or colostomy per day. Diarrhea occurs because the contents of the gastrointestinal tract are moving too rapidly, causing less fluid and nutrients to be absorbed. Diarrhea is thus one of the leading cause of mortality, morbidity in the country leaving aside the neonatal causes. Diarrheal disease may also cause, precipitate, or exacerbate protein-energy and micronutrient malnutrition. Dr. Rahul Verma in this interesting webinar discusses on the nutrition management of diarrhea and he states that the principles of nutrition management are exactly the same as those required by healthy children.