Infantile Colic – What’s New ?

person Dr. Neelam Mohan
Topic(s): Nutrition Health & Wellness Nutrition & Disease Management Growth & Development
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Colic or excessive crying is one of the most frequent problems presented to pediatricians by new parents. Many definitions exist but the most widely used one is: Paroxysms of excessive crying in an otherwise healthy baby lasting – More than 3 hours/day, More than 3 days/week and More than 3 weeks also known as rule of 3. Internationally colic affects 10-30% of infants worldwide and is commonly observed in neonates and infants - 2 weeks to 4 months and is not linked to Gender (Male/Female) or Bottle Fed/Breast Fed . Dr. Neelam Mohan in this interesting topic discusses on the characteristics of colic, causes of colic and management of colic.