NNI South Asia Workshop Proceedings

This series contains the full proceedings of the regional Nestlé Nutrition Institute Workshop events in pediatrics, maternal, clinical and adult nutrition.

Programming Power of Complementary Feeding (publications)
Programming Power of Complementary Feeding

Complementary feeding practices could potentially influence later health outcomes by programming effects, but also by…

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Complementary Feeding: Building the Foundations for a Healthy Life

The first 1,000 days of life, the time period from conception until 2 years of age, is the time in which the infant is…

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Preventive Aspects of Early Nutrition

Early-life nutrition is arguably the most critical determinant of future health. It provides the energy and critical…

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NNI Workshop proceedings (publications)
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NNI Workshop proceedings

Infantile colic (IC) is defined as repeated episodes of excessive and inconsolable crying in an infant that otherwise…

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NNI Nutrition During Infancy (publications)
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NNI Nutrition During Infancy

Nutrients contribute to brain development not only during the antenatal period but also during early postnatal life.

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NNI_Workshop Proceedings (South Asia Master Class) (publications)
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NNI_Workshop Proceedings (South Asia Master Class)

In this fast-paced world, it is difficult to keep up with the latest aspects emerging in nutritional science.

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NNI_Workshop proceedings (Regional master class) (publications)
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NNI_Workshop proceedings (Regional master class)

Nutrition plays a key role in shaping the future health of an individual especially during the initial days of life.

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Maternal Nutrition (publications)
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Maternal Nutrition

The Nestlé Nutrition Institute is extremely delighted to bring to you the workshop proceedings on “Maternal Nutrition.”…

1 min read Dr. Kamini A. Rao, MD
Probiotics: Implications for Paediatric Health (publications)
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Probiotics: Implications for Paediatric Health

The role of intestinal microbiota in health and disease conditions has become the focus of much attention. A Google…

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