The Nutritionist

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Topic(s): Low Birth Weight Growth & Development Gut Microbiota
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This issue of “The Nutritionist” is a page-turner from the start! Catering to readers with differing interests, we have articles about human milk, various aspects of menarche in the Indian context and finally, one that offers present day economics scenario of nutritional supplementation.The lead article “Deciphering Human Milk and Its Role in Infant Nutrition and Development”, justifies that human milk remains the ideal food for infants. The article provides in-depth insights on the bioactive components present in human milk and its role in growth and development, immunity and much more.Our Special focus article “Determinants of Menarche in Indian Adolescent Girls”, presents the Indian scenario of age at menarche and the various factors that determine the age of onset, ranging from genetics to nutrition, as well as the consequences of early and delayed onset of menarche.In the emerging science section, the article “Economics of Nutritional Supplementation”, throws light on how the use of enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition improves patient recovery, minimises complications, and offers value for money.Our “Dietician Speaks” section keeps you informed about what the pioneers in this field are up to. We hope we are able to help you remain updated with few of the many emerging research in this fast-paced world.