Nutritional Requirement for 2–5-Year-Growing-up Milk (GUM)

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Topic(s): Growth & Development Nutrition Health & Wellness
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The period from 2 to 5 years of childhood marks rapid cognitive, social, emotional, and motor development. Nutrient requirements in children are quite high during this period, both in terms of quality and quantity. Most often, high-energy, low-quality foods are offered to children belonging to this age group because of their unpredictable eating behaviours, thereby increasing the risk of nutritional deficiencies and thus contributing to childhood obesity. A good supply of macronutrients as well as micronutrients, such as iron, calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin C, is essential to support rapid growth and development. Growing-up milk can be a good source of these key micronutrients that support the high and changing nutritional needs of children, and thus bridge the nutritional deficiencies.