Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy: Prevention and Management

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Allergic diseases are on arise in children. In the United Sates, 2009–2010 statistics showed that 8% children have food allergy in the age group of 0–18 years and approximately 6% infants in the age group of 0–2 years have a food allergy.
 In the developed countries, approximately 2%–3% of infants have cow’s milks protein allergy (CMPA) while symptoms suggestive of CMPA are observed in 5%–15% infants.
Although it is generally believed that CMPA is the disease of the developed world but it is also quite a common occurrence in India. CMPA is one of the causes of chronic diarrhoea in Indian children. Poddar et al., showed a 30% prevalence rate of CMPA in Indian children.
The study also showed CMPA as one of the cause of chronic diarrhoea among children less than 3 years of age.