Low Birth Weight

Premature, small for Gestacional Age and Low birth weight babies are an important Public Health concern specially in Developing countries.This section covers the importance of using different nutrition approaches when managing Low Birthweight . It also brings extensive information on the nutritional requirements and adequate interventions recommended to ensure the best possible outcomes.


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Nutrition In Preterm & Role Of HMF

Preterm infants often demand intensive care due to associated risks and their unique demand for nutrition during hospitalizations and post-discharge. Although the mother’s milk has been universally accepted as the best feed for an infant it might not

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Role of Protein in Long-Term Health and Metabolic Programming

Breast milk is the gold standard for infant nutrition. Because of its unique composition, particularly the quality and quantity of proteins, breast milk provides the ideal nutrition to support an infant’s healthy growth and development. The first

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Enteral Feeding Support for Preterm Infants

Adequate nutrition support of preterm infants is important for their survival and long-term health and development. Breastfeeding is the first choice of nutrition for preterm infants. Human milk fortification is an effective strategy to optimize



Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine

Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine (events)

It is a great pleasure to announce the VIIIth edition of Recent Advances in Neonatal Medicine 2017 which is dedicated to my friend Prof. Bo Sun, MD, PhD, Shanghai, one of the leading Asian scientists in neonatology.
20 years ago, the first edition of

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