Compliance of mothers to withhold breastfeeding during rotavirus vaccination

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Adherence of mothers to breastfeeding recommendations during rotavirus vaccination: A randomised clinical trial.

The immune response to live oral vaccines may be influenced by neutralising antibodies in breast milk. A randomised clinical trial published in the journal Trials assessed the ability of mothers to adhere to breastfeeding recommendations during rotavirus vaccination. .

A total of 400 eligible mother-infant pairs were randomised in a 1:1 ratio into two groups. Mothers in group 1 were advised to withhold breastfeeding, while mothers in group 2 were encouraged to breastfeed 30 minutes before and after each dose of rotavirus vaccine. Blood and breast milk samples from mothers were assessed for immunogenicity; blood, saliva, and stool samples from infants were assessed for immunogenicity. The infants received two doses of rotavirus vaccine along with a pentavalent vaccine and an oral polio vaccine. The infants received the vaccines at ages 6–7 weeks and 10–14 weeks. A third dose of pentavalent vaccine was administered four weeks after the second dose. .

Majority of the mothers adhered to the recommendations. On an average, mothers from group 1 had 7.2 years of education and those from group 2 had 7 years of education. Majority of them felt withholding breastfeeding around the time of vaccination was acceptable and feasible. Seven mothers felt this practice was difficult and 5 felt stressed withholding breastfeeding when their infants cried. Only one mother felt that withholding breastfeeding would be a reason for not administering rotavirus vaccine to her infant. The mothers felt they would adhere to the recommendations if instructed by health-care professionals. Of the mothers who did not find it hard to withhold breastfeeding, 9 of them found their infants to be quiet and slept well during the observation period and 8 of them felt that the observation period was too long. .

The study highlighted that majority of the mothers were able to withhold breastfeeding as recommended and found this practice acceptable. The high compliance was because they most likely perceived that these recommendations were beneficial for the health of their infants. .

News source - Rongsen-Chandola T, Winje BA, Goyal N, Rathore SS, et al. Compliance of mothers following recommendations to breastfeed or withhold breast milk during rotavirus vaccination in North India: a randomized clinical trial. Trials. 2014. 28; 15(1):1.